We are dedicated to the rescue and domestication of kittens.

Kelly’s Kritters is so fortunate to be able to provide such a service/need in our community. Are you aware that approximately 1.4 million cats are euthanized in shelters per year, 1.1 million of those cats are healthy, yet do not have a home to call their own. It’s becoming more and more difficult to slow the process down. The needs of our community are changing so quickly. Families are struggling to provide everyday Veterinarian care for their pets, in addition to the costs of spaying and neutering. This is why it is so important to adopt from a local shelter. These pets are altered at no additional costs, as it is included in the adoption fee.

Many cats are being abandoned to no fault of their own. A female cat in heat can be very trying, as the vocalization can drive folks to open the door and release the cat out into an environment where there is a male cat just waiting for her. As she becomes pregnant, the owners allow her back into their home as the vocalization has stopped, only to have babies appear in a few weeks. These babies then are given away usually to a family, who again is not able to afford the veterinarian care, so the cycle continues…

Male cats may start to mark their territory, so their family opens the door for them as well, (to impregnate the female cats near and far). Many of these pets are released into trailer parks, apartment complexes, and local farms. These locations become local breeding grounds and become quickly overwhelmed.

Please join us in providing the necessary funds to allow our low cost spay and neuter clinics, food and supplies for all of our little ones before they find their forever homes.

Kitten Adoptions

Are you ready to add a furry family member? When you adopt a kitten from Kelly’s Kritters they will be vaccinated, spayed or neutered and ready to join your family. Kitten adoption times and available kittens are posted on Facebook. Kelly’s Kritters does not hold kittens, adoptions are done in person so you can meet each kitten and find one that will fit your family. You will need to have a travel crate to bring your kitten home.

Adoption fees: The adoption fee of $125.00 (cash or check), includes the kittens first dewormings, a flea treatment, the first fvrcp vaccine and the spay or neuter.

There maybe an additional deposit fee of $100.00 if the kitten is leaving the facility before they are spayed or neutered, which will be dependant on age of the kitten. This fee will be returned to you when the kittens surgery has been completed at our facility.

Support Kelly’s Kritters

We have many ways you can help!

Monetary Donations: (check, cash, or venom), These donations are used for many different types of needs, such as: veterinary care, exams, medications, radiology, surgeries, foods, litter, training pads and so many other needs.

Amazon wish list: These include items that we need on a regular basis, or something that we can use short term, so those items change as our needs change.


This would entail socializing kittens and aide in the rehabilitation of our kittens to go to their furr-ever homes. This would also include cleaning litter boxes, at our facility that houses our kittens. Feeding, watering, and best of all, playing with kittens.

Pet Pantry

We have a Pet Pantry available for area residents who need assistance with necessities for their pets. Please contact us to learn more.

Mission Statement

Kelly’s Kritters is dedicated to the rescue and domestication of unwanted and feral kittens, while slowing down the reproductive process through education and spaying/neutering of all kittens and cats that cross our path.